Polling with magic

The easiest way to vote on streaming

Analytical chat system on stream. Real-time displays the most popular chat messages

Best way for quick polls and surveys viewers opinions

Enter your Twitch url

One click

Voting on the broadcast works right away, just ask the opinion of your viewers. The answers will find themselves.
There is no need to set up and study anything. If you want to create a poll - just one click!

Easy for viewers

Viewers vote right in the chat! In fact, they may not know about it.
They communicate, and you see the most important

Without registering

To start voting, you do not need to register and connect applications.
Saves time and money. Five seconds and the result on the screen. There is no easier way to interview a stream. Voting is free and does not require an account.

Results in real-time

The results are displayed immediately as soon as users post their version.
Voting is not limited by time and works while the tab is open. You need to create a twitch poll - it's here!
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Add a site to the bookmarks if you want to create a poll later.